12/100 pictures of Darren Criss 

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Jayma Mays is seriously the best actress I have ever seen. She is seriously amazing. I was just watching her emotional scenes and I was just like… wow. That’s fucking unbelievable. She’s perfection.  

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We found love in a hopeless place

HAHA at the last photo Jayma’s like DERP

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and then Artie’s family had to file an insurance claim to get a new wheelchair after Artie ruined his so that his teacher could grossly misuse school funds and property for personal matters and allow underage children to swim in a pool without lifeguards and/or appropriate supervisors on duty, lol what’s a lawsuit.

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JAYMA IS FLAWLESS!! And Matt’s just casually playing with his balls in the background…

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Glee: Behind the Scenes of Yes/No.

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#hey just reminding you guys you arent each other’s preferred gender #you seem to be forgetting right here but nope cant say i blame either of you #just keep being attractive together this is very good a++++

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Emma: You know how we’re always talking about… moving towards marriage, then nothing really ever happens, well I mean Sue said I should be all liberated and ask you to marry me.. um, do you wanna be with me? I mean, as your wife?
Will: Of course I do!
Emma: But?
Will: I love you, you know that. But what if we get married? What happens when we have a house, and a baby? How are you gonnna handle spit up on your special Wednesday sweater? Sweetheart, you can’t control another person. What if it’s just all too much?
Emma: Uh.. I m-mean I’ve been taking my medication.. you know, some days are great, some.. some days are not so great, but I-I mean I-I’m doing the best I can… I-I’m doing everything I can to…
Will: I know you are, I know you are, and it’s not your fault that you have this disease! Sometimes.. it seems so hopeless.
Emma: Wow… okay. Um, can I promise you that I’m gonna get better? No… this is what you get. You know, this… this incomplete person with toothbrushes and rubber gloves and with so much love for you. But if that’s not what you want, then you need to be honest with me. And with yourself. And the sooner the better.

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